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I have followed the directions to take 2 at a time, but i do not find it effective to suppress the symptoms of pink eye. So yes, you can die by eating too much benadryl, it is a potent anticholinogenic and in large doses (mg) can produce a hallucinatory delerium similar . If it kills you, you can't sue me. Just so you know, a Benadryl overdose is a truly miserable way to die, and also a very uncertain one - most patients who overdose on Benadryl survive. Someone who takes a massive amount of Benadryl can expect to feel truly awful for some time before the hallucinations, seizures and eventual coma.

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You are a peanut, don't take anymore than 50mg. You should be sleepy with that amount. If you feel like hurting yourself please call the ER or an ambulance. I Naturally Built Up Immunitys To It So I Can Take Up To 8 & Be Fine Is When I Actually Start Feeling The Effects. When I Was . 25 benadryl sorry if I spelled that wrong is enough to kill someone under the weight of lbs if you are trying to kill yourself run at a cop with a nerf gun, your many benadryl pills will kill you?

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