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I been doing this shit (36mg ER's) for the last week on and off (including taking mg at one time) my experience is that theres not major difference in .. But fuck, not long after does your snot turn to glue in your nose. the rest of my night was really unpleasant as tissue would get stuck in my much Methylphenidate do you personally need for a. What if a concerta was broken in half and taken or chewed up? Would this totally negate the effectiveness of the drug or would it just negate the time release mechanism causing it to react as if an adderall pill would? I am concerned as i have a child about to go on this but have had problems with drugĀ  How to handle this side effect?

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To get the same effects from a normal dose of ritalin, do people just chew a concerta, or really hard to sleep after taking these cause they last so long and the crash is a bit slower, SWIM chewed 2 36 milligram concertas and it gave a somewhat pleasent buzz for about hours, then a terrible crash. My daughter is starting on Concerta tomorrow (after a trial of Ritalin). She was sometimes chewing up the Ritalin instead of swallowing it whole, but the pharmacist said she really shouldn't chew Concerta (as it is extended release). He said it would be ok (not dangerous) if she did, it just wouldn't then have.

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