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Hydroxyzine false positive drug test

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Hydroxyzine is labeled as an antihistamine and as an hypnotic/sedative, it is also an antianxiety med. It may cause a false positive on a drug screening, I would advise the testing person that you are on this medicine so they can tell the difference in the drug screening. Hope this information helps some. But as for HYDROYYZINE HLC no FALSE positives for DRUG TESTiNG!!! ## I take 25 milligrams of hydroxyzine will it show up on a drug test ## yes it does show up and benzo but trace only.I had taken 1 pill days ago and it tested positive as a false positive, dont trust this pill for drugging testing ## I.

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Will this medication give me a false positive on a swab test or u.a. test? And what do you mean a secondary in-depth test will show clear? What test is that? Please I need a response asap! Thank you! ## I tested this week for my outpatient program!!! After through research and attaining all informat. Tested positive though I never touched it wondering if hydroxyzine IR or anything else can cause a false positive? ## I too am in a clinic and tested positive for norfentanyl and am baffled because I bring everything to the light because I don't have to live like this anymore!! Please help anyone, I use a.

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