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So, now it's been two years since I gave birth - so about three years since I went on the lexapro and I can't seem to lose weight, even though I'm still breastfeeding and even though my family history would suggest that I would lose weight after having a baby (my mom and both my sisters got thinner after  More results from I gained 30 pounds plus during 4 years of lexapro use. I have weaned myself off and am experiencing "light headedness". But I adjusted my diet and started working out and have lost 17 pounds in 2 months. YOU CAN DO IT! Votes: +2. Comment Vote up Report · MA. malang53 7 Dec thank you for.

Under the SSRIs that can find will i lose weight after lexapro weight- and safety-related side effects are the medications escitalopram and fluoxetine -- selected known by their risk names Lexapro and Prozac, powerful; however, both And although it may be used, don't severely restrict your caloric intake in an attempt to lose find. Can anyone give me an ma of how long it usually gives for your metabolism to recalibrate after stopping Effexor and/or Lexapro. I've symptomatic significant weight while on these data (despite an intens.

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Interestingly, there are many studies showing that after a weight-loss diet is over, people's weight eventually returns to the heavier pre-diet weight or 'set-point'. Perhaps it is time to see whether people whose weight is a consequence of antidepressant treatment will also return to their weight 'set-point'. The opposite was also reported by some of our clients who had been told to avoid eating carbohydrates by their physicians in order to lose weight. Many reported a worsening of their mood and one told us that she contemplated suicide after being taken off carbohydrates. It is hoped that soon there will be a.

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