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How to reduce withdrawal symptoms from paxil

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An unknown percentage of people who take this medication are afflicted by Paxil discontinuation symptoms, which have either missed a few doses of their medication, reduced the dosage, or have stopped taking it altogether. There are dozens of potential Paxil withdrawal syndrome symptoms, some are commonly reported. ADVICE. This advice is based on the experience of many people who have dealt with the Paxil withdrawal issue, their relatives, and doctors. It is intended for helping patients reduce symptoms and adjust dosage properly.

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Second, you are taking Paxil (generic paroxetine) which - because of its short "half-life" in the body - is especially notorious for causing withdrawal problems. There are two very important things you can do to reduce your risk of having the type of symptoms you describe. First, you should work closely with. Josie, I have not been on paxil, but have read many posts at this board & others here a few months ago & many people said withdrawal from paxil was hell, one . Hope this helps best of I concur with Lori, that the symptoms your now experiencing now will go away, just takes some more time.

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