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Why does tylenol make babies sleepy

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Just wondering if tylenol or motrin make your baby sleepy, or if it just takes away the pain to make them sleep better. My guy has been teething a lot, so he has been taking a lot of them at night time and generally sleeps better, my husband and I were debating why the reason was! What do you think? I started giving Guapo infant Tylenol in the proper dose for teething and he has been zonking out for two hour naps that I essentially end up waking him up from because I can't have him sleeping so late into the day. I'm trying to figure out if it's the effect of taking him off the sugary rice cereal we brought back.

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I'm wondering if anyone else who uses infant Tylenol has noticed this as well? Does the Tylenol have something that's making her sleepy (the same way a gravol or narcotic would in an adult) or could it just be that she's tired from the process of teething? Just not sure if I should be concerned giving it to herĀ  Tylenol for teething at night - April Babies. The Tylenol isn't making him sleep, he's sleeping because he is no longer in pain. Tylenol does not make children drowsy, so it's perfectly safe to give them in the correct doses. It could definitely be teething, but you may want to have his ears checked as well. Ear infections can keep a baby up at night too.

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