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In the absence of medical treatment for ringworm, the infection spreads quickly and the disease can aggravate rapidly. Left untreated, blisters and pustules Nizoral shampoo contains ketoconazole (a powerful antifungal substance) and it is commonly used in the treatment for ringworm. The shampoo should be applied on. BACKGROUND: Oral antifungal drugs are required for effective treatment of tinea capitis. Topical antifungal shampoo's, namely ketoconazole 2% shampoo or products with selenium sulfide or salicylic acid are recommended as adjunctive therapy. Topical antifungal monotherapy has not been successful in the treated of.

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Nizoral 2% shampoo contains the active ingredient ketoconazole, which is an antifungal medicine that your doctor may prescribe to treat certain skin conditions, including dandruff. As ketoconazole causes holes to appear in the cell membranes, essential constituents of the fungal cells can leak out. As ketoconazole causes holes to appear in the cell membranes, essential constituents of the fungal cells can leak out. This kills the fungi and clears up the infection. Ketoconazole cream may be prescribed to treat a number of different types of fungal and yeast infections. These include ringworm, athlete's.

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15 may ketoconazole cream is used to treat tinea corporis (driving; Fungal skin pigmentation. When i expected with ringworm, my opinion gave me a prescription for nizoral shampoo, the ringworm treatment.

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