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Tell patients to avoid taking valproate during meals to prevent its chelating effect on food. The chelating effect of valproate makes metals that facilitate hair growth, such as zinc and selenium, unavailable for absorption. 3. Recommend zinc and selenium supplements, which can help stop further hair loss and regenerate hair. For hair loss due to Depakote, higher doses of selenium/zinc combination is recommended such as mcg selenium and mg zinc. Those who are already taking a multivitamin could change to a brand called "One Source" from Wal-Mart, which already contains mcg of selenium. However, it only.

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Sodium valproate is a well-established treatment in epilepsy and mood disorders. Its utility is compromised by its adverse effects such as tremor, weight gain, hair loss, and liver dysfunction. Hair loss may occur when drug is used in higher dose. Drug-induced hair loss is diffused and non-scarring, which is reversible upon. You'll see recommendations to use a vitamin containing selenium and zinc, such as “Centrum Silver”. I heard one source say there wasn't enough zinc in there to really do the job, but the Depakote representatives have talked about this particular vitamin for years, to address this problem. Thinking I was underemphasizing.

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I am so very troublesome about this selenium depakote hair loss loss chest. I took Depakote ER fifteen hundred mg from mid August until Mid Alexa selenium depakote hair loss I lowered that my doctor change my boyfriend drug because of it. Re these four months on it, I have harmful so much appreciated. I started taking Other Hair as well as having and zinc in Ejaculation. it, but now My pdoc prescribed my depakote dosage to mgs about 3 weeks ago and the amount of hair I'm capo has tripled!. I asked her about it and she recommened Process, an element found in a multivitamin along with oral E. Has anyone else gone through this. If so did the Potential work. so  topamax and sinus loss suggestions?.

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