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A Moderate Drug Interaction exists between Ambien and Lexapro. View detailed information regarding this drug interaction. I have been prescribed both in the past. I take Lexapro in the morning, and Ambien I was obviously taking at night. Ambien made my sleep walking, sleep talking, sleep eating, etc. much worse. If I took it with anything else that caused drowsiness I was knocked out, but couldn't remember a thing that.

Can I take Aleve to store gallbladder pain. wikiHow Contributor. NSAIDs are not bad for those with gallbladder problems, though if you're not, Zolpidem and lexapro is a better choice than Advil or Aleve for someone with gallbladder surgery. Lemon water helps me. Inevitably, fish oil in urinary doses is a great longterm go. To try something new, we had to go somewhere so I employed in the car with my window all the way down. The pique got intense but instead of zolpidem and lexapro for people it lasted about 20 mins and I was drinking fine.

Hi, I have been seeing just a counselor for about two months now. But, I went into my GP today. Got prescribed 10mg of Lexapro and I think 10mg of Ambien. I've also been diagnosed as borderline manic deppressive. I just wanted to get some experiences of people taking these meds. Couple questions How long will it. My dr. gave samples of Lexapro 10mg to try out for anxiety/possible depression. I took my first dose this morning before work and discovered it's not a day time med, I became very tired, groggy and sleepy. I am currently taking ambien 10mg every night for sleep. should I take another lexapro tonight? I can't.

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